Galactic Defender Catch On

DNA: 1,1-a,a
Eyes tested clear

Ch. Fracas Bang-On

Ch. Honeymist Buddy Rich

Ch. Honeymist Blue-Trane

Stanolly Superfame
Keneven Geordie of Honeymist
Honeymist I'll Wait Ch. Tolivar Tambori of Honeymist
Honeymist Gene Genie
Fracas Miss Dior

Ch. Fracas Dream Boy

Ch. And-Just-Me
Ch. Velvety Angel's Dream
Ch. Fracas Beautiful Dream Ch. Top Crystal's Jewel in Brown
Velvety Angel's Dream

Ch. Galactic Defender American Attitude

Ch. Chelseas Foggy Bottom Blues

Meadowsweet Blujacket

Skewhill Clearly Lucky Lad
Ch. Meadowsweet O Doutelle
Ch. Jewelbox Silver Trinket Ch. Isotop's Storm Warning
Ch. Jewelbox Emerald
Ch. Skybar Galactic Defender

Ch. Rathsrigg Rollick

Ch. Reef Knot of Rathsrigg
Ch. Rathsrigg Ricci
Toolbox Colour of Money Ch. Blå Skuggans Dancing In The Dark
Ch. Velvety Kiss of Fire
Mc Madness Verdandi

DNA: 1,1-a,a
Eyes tested clear

Skybar Far Away

Blå Skuggans This Is The Way

Ch. Velvety Second Flame

Ch. Wetop Blue Flame
Ch. Velvety Perfect-Angel
Ch. Blå Skuggans Golden Grace Ch. Blå Skuggans Dancing In The Dark
Ch. Wetop Mazurka
Ch. Skybar About Suburbia Ch. Blå Skuggans I'm Moving On Ch. Blå Skuggans Dancing In The Dark
Ch. Blå Skuggans What's Now My Love
Ch. Skybar Sheepomania Ch. Obedient Oliver v Povera
Toolbox Colour of Money

Stonecroft's Surprice

Ch. Toolbox Bestseller

Ch. Isotop's Marwin

Ch. Velvety Fire Flame
Ch. Isotop's Clarissa
Ch. Velvety Kiss Of Fire Ch. Velvety Fire Flame
Ch. Velvety Patricia
Ch. Isotop's Lycka Isotop's Man In A Box Ch. Bonnybrook's Magical Sudor
Isotop's Moonstar
Ch. Isotop's Boccia Ch. Isotop's Touch Down
Ch. Isotop's Salome